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Principal of performing arts academy


sarah dean


Where do you work?

I work in Deal & Canterbury for my School “The Dean Academy of Performing Arts” –

How would you describe your job/role? 

I run two dance academies.  I teach dance and musical theatre teacher.  I produce pantomimes and shows.

How long have you performed the role?

20 years

When did you set up the Dean Academy of Performing Arts?

I’ve always wanted to dance and be involved in the theatre.  So I danced professionally for over 8 years, then moved to choreography and finally got the opportunity to open my own school.

What educational qualifications do people need to perform your role?

To complete three years college training and gain a Diploma.

You need to have passed advanced exams in all the types of dance that you want to teach.  Have a Certificate in Dance Education (CDE).


What practical experience do people need to help them to obtain your role?

Ideally, to have been a professional dancer / performer and to have gained experience in choreography.


Are there any particular personal skills which people need to have to perform your role?

A wide knowledge of dance and the ability to demonstrate what you are teaching.  

What do you enjoy about your work?

Working with children, producing pantomimes and shows and seeing students grow in skill and confidence.


What can be challenging about your work?

The long hours and the paperwork!  Also sore muscles at the end of each day

What is your fondest memory?

Always of my former students going on to become professional dancers!


Do you have any personal advice?

If you are 100% set on a career in dance you must focus and work hard.  It is not an easy career choice and you have to really want to do it!!

Qualifications in English, Maths and Business Studies will help. Also, knowledge of music and music theory, as well as

taking courses in First Aid and Child Development.  

Watch as many dance related shows and programs to keep up to date with current techniques and new ideas.

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